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The Best NDIS and TAC Cleaning Services

Our NDIS/TAC cleaning services are designed in a way that can cater to the requirements of each of our customers individually. We begin with an in-house consultation where one of our knowledgeable team members works with you to design a custom cleaning plan for your home. We offer a variety of NDIS and TAC cleaning options that include

  • Regular House Clean
  • End Of Lease Clean
  • Carpet Steam Clean
  • Move in Clean
  • Pre-sale House Clean
  • Window Clean
  • Spring Clean
  • Office Clean
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Benefits of Professional Customized NDIS and TAC Cleaning Services

Many people take cleanliness as one of the most important things of their lives. However, everyone is not fortunate enough to take care of their cleaning needs all by themselves. People living with a disability might find it difficult. This is why professional NDIS cleaning services like King Clean help such people in keeping their place clean and hygienic. Man, we know that you might be disabled by your body but not by your willpower.

Every self-respect person who comes under this category should hire specialized NDIS cleaning services if he/she wants to remain independent as it gives peace of mind.

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Professional NDIS/TAC Cleaning Services in Melbourne

It is a common practice that many NDIS participants and support recipients from other provides have to face some difficulty while trying to arrange a cleaner for their home. One of the main reasons for this issue is that every cleaner or cleaning service provider is not aware of the process of cleaning services and billing requirements for the clients who receive support benefits through NDIS or TAC.

However, when you book your cleaning service through our company which is King Clean, you don’t have to be worried about any such thing. We have an experienced team that can take care of all billing and administrative requirements for providing professional NDIS cleaning services. We also have an online form that you can fill to book a cleaning process. It makes things easier for both of us and you don’t have to repeat the details again and again.


King Clean is an NDIS and TAC Approved Cleaning Service in Melbourne

King clean is an approved professional cleaning company that is approved by NDIS and TAC in Melbourne, Geelong, and other cities. Getting into an accident or get disabled due to any other reason is a burden in many ways. If your insurance company has covered your home cleaning and domestic help service, King Clean is the best company that provides reliable cleaning services for NDIS.

The whole team of our company understands the hardships you have to go through while claiming processes and getting the help you are in need of while trying to endure the injury pain or when you are still in shock by the accident you went through. We provide the best cleaning services for you. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your home yourself. Our professional staff handles everything from vacuuming and mopping to carpet cleaning, garden care, and other domestic help you might be in need of. In Melbourne, we are providing the best top-notch NDIS cleaning services as compared to any other business in the country.

Highest Standard Cleaning with Best Possible Prices

Prices are per hour for one professional cleaner All Prices are exclusive of GST Minimum Booking is 2 hrs.

NDIS Cleaning Package

$ 103.62

2 hours per clean
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living and Other Rooms
  • Common Items
  • Floors
  • General Tasks
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King Clean is Registered with NDIS and TAC

King Clean is a registered cleaning company providing NDIS cleaning services to individuals and families. There are many occasions when people with disabilities are hindered from keeping their homes as clean as they want to.

If you are going to any such situation, you can contact us for your cleaning needs as our company is registered with NDIS. Our trained and insured staff helps you perform your regular household tasks and any other job you might be struggling with such as cleaning, washing, mopping, ironing clothes, etc. We also provide gardening services to our NDIS patients. King Clean believes that people with disabilities have the same right as everybody else. We are a strong supporter of this idea and thus, we strive to provide the best cleaning services to our clients that help them improve their lifestyle.

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Why Hire King Clean?

King Clean is the best NDIS cleaning service provider in Melbourne, Geelong, and other Australian cities. We are the best choice because

  • We are licensed
  • Our company is insured
  • We are COVID registered
  • We have worker’s compensation
  • We provide all cleaning products and equipment and help you have your time and money
  • Our staff is well-trained
  • All our cleaners are insured and engaged after background checks from the police.
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